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  • We Could Show You How To Create Sustainable Recurring Revenue?

  • You Could Deliver UVB Light Therapy Within 2-4 Minutes?

  • You Could Easily & Effortlessly Deliver 81+ Health Benefits To Clients?

  • You Could Increase Vit D, Nitric Oxide, Serotonin, and BDNF?

  • Everything We Offer Is Backed By Over 1200 Peer-Reviewed Studies?

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A Proven Method to Deliver What the Body Needs.

Sunshine delivers an increase of Vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, Serotonin, Endorphin, BDNF (a neuron growth factor and preventer of nerve death), and leads to an increase of the immune system.

Adequate levels of vitamin D = healthy bones, muscles, nerves and immune health

Research shows that LED UVB is up to 2.4X more efficient producing Vitamin D3 than the sun, in less than 1/60th of the time.

  • All of the benefits of the Sun without the risks.

  • Deliver Narrow-Band UVB to stimulate your body to produce Vitamin D3 and naturally boost immunity.

  • Leverage this breakthrough in UVB light treatment... Today!

Boost your monthly revenue with our recurring revenue subscription model!

How Will Enyrgy Help Your Business?

Unlock A New Revenue Stream
Offer the Enyrgy subscription to your clients and receive monthly revenue per subscriber. With Enyrgy, a small onboarding fee leads to significant potential income and customer retention.

Quick Setup, Effortless Integration
Requiring less than 25 square feet, the wall-mounted Enyrgy device fits seamlessly into your existing space. Your clients control their own treatments via a mobile app, with zero additional labor on your end.

Backed by Science, Easy on Maintenance
Experience the power of the UVB LED technology, up to 2.4 times more efficient than natural sunlight, in a compact device requiring no maintenance. Focus on your business growth, while your customers enjoy the Health Benefits of Enyrgy.

Start Growing Your Business Today...

Let's schedule a 30-minute strategy session to discover how Enyrgy can help your clients and your bottom line.

On this call you will get all of your questions answered around this revolutionary therapy that is now available to offer within your wellness practice.

There has never been such a powerful, effective, and economical method to bolster the overall health of the Human Body.

We look forward to exploring the elegant possibilities around partnering with your wellness practice.

What If You Could Easily Create REcurring Revenue...

While Easily Providing 81+ Health Benefits To Your Clients?

Important Information:

Enyrgy is not a medical device, and makes no medical claims, implied or otherwise stated, for the use of this device other than the fact it will emit UV light within the ranges and levels per the product specification. Statements regarding the Enyrgy device have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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